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Jo Walters Trust 2020 Grants - Covid-19 Response


The Covid-19 outbreak has affected every part of life, including us at the Jo Walters Trust.

We had planned to hold a large fundraising ball in November 2020, to raise money to allow us to keep making grants. We have put this on hold, for now.
We are however still going to call for applications for the two grants we offer annually, as we feel that communitiess will need support, now more than ever.
The categories are:

We hope these grants may help improve things, even a little, for as many people as possible.

To get the money out where it can make a difference, we are bringing forward our grants application process for the year so we can disburse the funds as quickly as possible to areas where they can have the best impact. If you are interested in applying for either of our grants please do read on, or help us spread the word to those who might have a great idea.

Jo Walters Trust Maths Grants 2020


At the Jo Walters Trust, like everyone else, we are extremely aware of the enormous impact that the Covid-19 Coronavirus is having on all aspects of life. Before the outbreak, we had planned to launch the application process for our Maths grants - as previously - in the middle of May, and to finalise recipients by the end of September. In light of the current circumstances though we have decided to accelerate the process, and try to get some grants to places where they can have the most impact, and to do this as soon as possible. The main idea remains the same - we want to help inspire students with learning Maths - but this year we want to fund projects that can help people in these most unusual circumstances. 


  • Would you like to inspire your students?
  • Do you have an idea that could raise attainment and promote a love of Maths?
  • Would a grant of £1000 help achieve this goal?
  • Can it be delivered, effectively, even through the global pandemic? 

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Apply for a 2020 Aberdeenshire Grant

In 2020 (as in previous years), a number of grants of up to £2,000 each will be made available by the Jo Walters Trust to people or organisations with a strong link to Aberdeenshire. In this extraordinary year, we are again inviting applications that will provide educational opportunities to people in the outdoors, but we recognise that a huge amount has changed, and many people are suffering in many ways. We are therefore accelerating our grant making process this year, to try to get funds to people who can make a difference in Aberdeenshire as quickly as possible.

We recognise that getting outdoors is proving very difficult in the current circumstances for some, however it can provide enormous benefits, so we want to help people achieve it in a safe way. Whether your proposal involves educational resources for families that they can use in their daily outdoor exercise, a means of bringing the outdoors indoors, or a plan to get people to the outdoors for when the lockdown becomes a little less severe, we want to hear from you!

From the outward bound expeditions she did at school, to sailing adventures and her time in the OTC doing army training, Jo Walters was the product of plenty of time outdoors and believed it had huge benefits, both physical and mental. We know she would want more people to achieve the benefits from being in the outdoors that she did, and so in her memory, we are offering financial support to help this happen.
Below are a few projects we have supported so far which might provide inspiration to anyone applying for a grant in 2019. You can see all the recipients of the last three years' of grants at the links below, though of course these are very different in nature to what is likely to be possible in 2020.

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