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Lewes Road Cycle Path Opening

5th October 2013

Cutting the tape

What a fantastic day! The launch of the new cycle path on the Lewes Road started with a BikeTrain, organised by Duncan Blinkhorn and his crew, from the Levels in Brighton as far as Wild Park. Lucy was transported by Peter Mynors, the cycling expert who masterminded the plan we put to the Council last year. He really made it all happen. Peter has a specially adapted tandem that made for a very comfortable ride to Wild Park. Also on the bike train was Caroline Lucas, MP sharing a tandem with Duncan. With the music blaring, flags waving and a unicycle joining us, it was a very emotional event to be part of.  We are hugely grateful to Duncan and the Biketrain team for putting it on.  

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A270 Lewes Road, Falmer

Cycling improvements being undertaken by Brighton and Hove City Council

Progress Update - August 2013 - By Peter Mynors


The progress over the last 12 months has by UK standards been outstanding. This project has progressed through conception, public consultation, order publication, detailed design and implementation in a single year. Well done Brighton & Hove City Council! 

All Photographs by Peter Mynors FICE FCIHT TPS

Click here to dowload pdf of information below (3.8MB pdf) Updated 26/08/2013

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Lewes Road Brighton - Formal Consultation Launched

Brighton & Hove City Council have launched a formal public consultation process into the proposed improvements at Lewes Road. This process is aimed at gathering public opinion on the improvements to the road in the location that Jo was killed.  The Trust have registered their support for the proposals in a letter to the City Council.

The Council have posted detailed information on their website, and have outlined the following benefits of the proposed scheme.

The proposals include changes to one of the city's most hazardous spots for cyclists – the Vogue Gyratory system near Lewes Road Sainsbury's. They also include:

  • Wide bus and cycle lanes in each direction between the Amex stadium and the Vogue Gyratory.
  • A continuous on-road two metre-wide cycle lane both north and south through the Vogue Gyratory system.
  • Widening the shared pedestrian and cycle lane for 300 metres north of Coldean Lane.
  • An enhanced cycle network to the north giving access to the Amex stadium and both universities.
  • Extending the 30mph speed limit northwards to near the Amex.

It is hoped that the measures would:

  • improve bus journey times by 30%
  • increase bus passengers by 25%
  • reduce the number of car journeys by 10%
  • get significantly more people cycling

We encourage people to read the detailed proposals and to add their comments using the Council's online questionnaire, before the closing date of 25th May 2012.

Cycle Masterplan Launch - Media Coverage


Friday 24th February was the Launch day for the Cycle Masterplan. The local media in the Sussex area have taken a keen interest in the proposals, and we are posting links to various articles on this page and on our Facebook page.

BBC Radio Sussex Breakfast Show

Click the heading above for a link to the iPlayer feed for the Breakfast show. Lucy's interview starts at 47:20 and again at 1:41:50 and Peter Mynors, the author of the Masterplan is interviewed at 1:44:47. Peter explains the current deficiencies in the cycle lane that contributed to Jo's accident, and recommends the improvements that can be made. He also comments in general about issues facing cyclists using cycle lanes. Another Sussex cyclist, Catherine, who sustained a broken arm following an accident on the same stretch of road is interviewed about her experiences, starting at 2:26:35.

BBC South Today

Here's another TV clip that's been spotted. We can't see it in Ireland but hopefully you can if you're in the UK, from about 9.40 onwards


The Argus

A link to an article which appeared in The Argus on 15th February prior to the launch of the Masterplan. 


BBC News website

A link to the BBC News website who published an article on the Masterplan

Click on the embedded videos below to see the ITV and BBC television coverage of the launch event including interviews with Lucy Johnston and Peter Mynors, the author of the Masterplan.

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A27/A270 Interchange Falmer, East Sussex - Cycling Masterplan

A270 Falmer Cycling Masterplan Cover

The Jo Walters Trust are making available copies of the Cycling Masterplan via the website. The Masterplan has been prepared by Peter Mynors FICE FCIHT TPS in association with Transport Planning Practice. Peter is an acknowledged expert in the field of cycle planning and the Trust are delighted with the comprehensive masterplan document that he and Transport Planning Practice have produced.

The Masterplan was launched at an event held in the Royal Albion Hotel on Friday 24th February 2012, and contains specific measures to improve safety for cyclists along this busy stretch of road. We sincerely hope that these measures will be implemented in the coming months and help to prevent further tragic accidents on this road. Please click on the image to the right in order to download a copy of the masterplan.

Master Plan Cycle Route Launch

Friday 24th February 2012 from 11.30 hrs

The Jo Walters Trust are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new Master Plan for cycle routes in the Falmer area of Brighton, designed to save lives and improve accessibility, particularly for the students of the universities and supporters going to the new Brighton Football Ground. 

The launch will take place on Friday 24th February at 12.00 hrs in the Russell Room at the Royal Albion Hotel, 35 Old Steine, Brighton, and will conclude by 13.00 hrs. 

The Master Plan has been commissioned by the Jo Walters Trust following Jo's tragic death in a cycle accident on the route between the Falmer University Campus and the City in 2009.

The report has been prepared by transport specialists in consultation with a wide range of local stakeholders, including Brighton City Council.

The launch and reception will be attended by the press, local Council representatives and business stakeholders together with representatives from the universities and football club.

We will provide an update on the site after the event, together with links to press coverage of the event.

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