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Lucy Johnston: Jo's sister and the chairman. Living in Scotland.

email lucy@jowalterstrust.org.uk

Louisa Bradford: One of Jo's (many!) cousins. Living in Aberdeenshire with her family, running a catering and bakery business. 

email louisa@jowalterstrust.org.uk

Kirstie Duke: A great friend of Jo's, formidably sociable and efficient.

email kirstie@jowalterstrust.org.uk

Gilly Wilson (nee Hanking - Evans): One of Jo's great mates from the OTC in Bristol. Now a teacher, and adventurous outdoors person.

email gilly@jowalterstrust.org.uk

Charles Rahtz: A very old childhood friend of Jo's from Aberdeenshire. A diplomat who is particularly sound on ensuring our due diligence is done correctly. 

email charles@jowalterstrust.org.uk 

Maria Von Weisenberg: A friend of Jo's from Kenya. A drama teacher in England with all sorts of great ideas about causes we should support.

email maria@jowalterstrust.org.uk

Katie Peters: Katie joined initially as a fundraiser and has done some great work on that front organising events and motivating us all. She lives in Perthshire

email katie@jowalterstrust.org.uk

Rob Duke: A childhood and university friend of Jo's, they did many sailing, OTC and skiing trips together, brother of Kirstie. 

email rob@jowalterstrust.org.uk

James Greener (treasurer): A keen reeler and geochemist working in renewables in Edinburgh. Discovered the Jo Walters Trust after attending fundraising balls. 

email james@jowalterstrust.org.uk

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