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Mr Roberelli's 6th Album, asking the question we've all wished we had: 'Hey, Mr Horsey, Why The Long Face?'

We've only just got our hands on this new album, but already the tunes are buzzing around our heads. We're pretty sure we know some chaps that 'Hey Baldy' is going to strike a chord with, and we love the lyrics of 'The Boy Who Couldn't Whistle'. 

Track List:

  • Baldy
  • Bottle Top
  • The Boy Who Couldn't Whistle
  • Brave Horatius
  • Every Other Bone
  • Flower Garden
  • A Chest Magnificent (For Osiris)
  • Young Beards
  • Midnight Struck
  • Mr Boring
  • "Hey Mr Horsey, Why the Long Face?"
  • Some Kids Are Just Not Meant to Be Pilots
  • Rump of Jackal
  • Skinkypants
  • Skint and the Imp "Ecunious"
  • Thankless Tasks
  • Tryin' to Sing Really High
  • What the Sea Is Like
  • When the Bow Flew out of My Hand
  • World Geography


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The Jo Walters Trust is selling these CDs as a means of raising funds to support our projects. We do know that these days, however, many people prefer getting their music digitally and so you can buy a digital version of one of these albums from iTunes by clicking the link below.  While it won't make the same amount for the Jo Walters Trust, we will receive a small percentage back from Apple, at no extra cost to you. We appreciate your support either way!

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