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Laughter on the Breeze

Laughter on the Breeze: Mr Roberelli's 4th Album.

Try as we might, we can't claim to have found a theme behind the excellent 4th album from Mr Roberelli, but we love the eclectic mix of songs. These range from running away to the circus to naughty teddybears, and include the rocktastic 'King of Sound', about a cicada. The title track is very catchy, and a lovely tune. You'll be left wondering though what on earth exactly is the collective noun for ukeleles. 


Title List

  • Dangerous Lives
  • A Herd of Ukuleles
  • King of Sound
  • Jaws, Paws, Claws, Roars (Help the Lion's Cause)
  • E Is for Elephant
  • Laughter on the Breeze
  • Stummer Cake
  • Karen Dash
  • Bad Teddies
  • Questions for the Queen
  • Tall Shadow
  • Little White Cross
  • Octoperson
  • Lullaby

Click the link below to sample some of the tracks on Mr Roberelli's website. 


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