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Working Weekend 2014

The third edition of the wonderful Kincardine Working Weekend was held on 21-23 February 2014 at Kincardine Castle, Aberdeenshire. An enormous thank you is due to Andie and Nicky Bradford for running the event at their fabulous home, Kincardine Castle

In all, 19 hard working folk took part in a wonderful mix of planting, chainsawing, bonfiring and wall (re)building. We think that the Bradford's got some fine labour in exchange for their generous and unfailing hospitality, but as usual the high standard of food and drink (thank you Bob!) and the relaxed atmosphere (after the labours of the day) contributed to the work rate and the longevity of the party on Saturday evening / Sunday morning.

Notable contributions to the weekend:

  • Mark who gave a masterclass in horticulture to some very keen gardeners;
  • Flanagan who drew heavily on his Irish roots and mixed load after load of perfect cement;
  • David who artfully arranged the stonework in the rebuilt wall and created the timelapse film below;
  • Andie who knocked down the wall in the first place, necessitating the rebuild;
  • Grenville who with his somewhat cavalier attitude to personal safety chopped up a fallen Chestnut tree in record time;
  • Susie, Gail and Ronnie who drew on their inner pyromaniac to reduce the windfalls to ashes;
  • Sophie, for proving she's a fast learner and a keen stoker of the fire
  • And to everyone else for working tirelessly, making the gardens at Kincardine look that little bit more spick and span, and still having the energy to party into the night.  Thank you all.

Thanks are also due in no small measure to Jo for organising the weather. It's remarkable that in 3 years of holding the weekend in February we have always been blessed with clear blue skies.


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