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A270 Lewes Road, Falmer

Cycling improvements being undertaken by Brighton and Hove City Council

Progress Update - August 2013 - By Peter Mynors


The progress over the last 12 months has by UK standards been outstanding. This project has progressed through conception, public consultation, order publication, detailed design and implementation in a single year. Well done Brighton & Hove City Council! 

All Photographs by Peter Mynors FICE FCIHT TPS

Click here to dowload pdf of information below (3.8MB pdf) Updated 26/08/2013

Cycle route masterplan

Launched February 2012


Node 08

Stony Mere Way

New footway leading to Sussex University has reduced the number of people walking on the shared use path alongside the A270 where the accident happened.







Node 13

Path to Brighton University

Path has been widened to allow proper shared use of path




Node 07

Path to Brighton University via Stadium escape route

Ramp has been added




Node 04 to 06

New cycle route alongside the Keep




Node 20

Cycle lane markings have just been added to the southbound slip road. Cyclists will not be signed to use this route until the Lewes Road works are complete and the bus/cycle lanes become formally operational.





Node 08 to 01

Path alongside A270

Path has been widened to allow proper shared use. When the bus lane comes into use, northbound cyclists will be able to use that instead.





Node 01

Northbound cycle exit from A270 has been eased to allow smooth transfer onto shared used path.

In southbound direction the path now leads directly into the advance stop line at the signals – see below.




After 1


After 2

Node 08 to 09

Northbound shared path beside A270 The left hand lane of the road is due to become a shared bus/cycle lane. The City Council have completed the design of this on behalf of Highways Agency (HA).

The next stage is for HA to publish the Traffic Order for this short stretch. The City Council met HA on 18 March 2013 and HA will now progress the Order as soon as possible.


As Existing


Node 09

Dropped kerb has been provided to allow cyclists to enter and leave Stony Mere Way



Node 02 to 82

Southbound A270 Lewes Road

Note increased width of cycle lane. Arrow shows previous edge.

The bus stop islands have now been installed, to allow cyclists to bypass buses at normal cycling speed. The next step at this location will be to install the bus shelter and resurface the carriageway.

(Bendi-bus fleet bought from TfL at bargain price following Boris's decision not to use them in London)


Cycle Lane


Bus Island

Work in progress

Note the easy exit from the cycle path for cyclists who want to turn right across the toucan crossing here. 

(Carriageway resurfacing and road marking still to be added) 


Cycle Path Exit

Examples of completed bus stop islands

With shelter complete

With carriageway resurfacing complete. Note that although the bus lane is not yet formally open, most cars are already staying out of it.

Work in progress (white parked car won't be allowed to stop there on completion!)




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