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Inca Ride Talk by Ed Lines

Buy tickets for a talk by Ed Lines. 27th January 2022 @7.30pm
Ed Lines on the Inca Ride

Inca Ride: 3000km in the saddle

by Ed Lines

a ticketed event from the Jo Walters Trust

27th January 2022 7.30pm


Join us as Ed Lines tells the story of four British university graduates who rode 3,000 kilometres along the spine of the perilous Andes mountains. Their six-month adventure took them through Ecuador and Peru, along the ancient routes of the Incas, the largest pre-Columbian empire in South America. Trekking with their noble criollo horses through precipitous mountain, dense jungle and searing desert, enduring altitudes up to 15,000 feet, they were exposed to some of the most savage terrain on Earth. On their path, they experienced injury and disease, found themselves held at gunpoint, and became subjected to the immense instability of the Andean elements.

Before their departure in January 2009, half the team had no equine expertise, riding competence or Spanish tongue, and none had spent more than a cluster of nights away from the comfort of a warm bed.

Ed is excited to announce the launch of Inca Ride: his first (and, by his own admission, probably last) book. It took 11 years to pass and then a global pandemic to make him finally write Inca Ride and, having done so, he is delighted to say that all proceeds from its sale will be donated equally between Alzheimer’s Society and Médecins Sans Frontières. The book is available to buy here: www.incaride.com

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