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Pucket, the fun, frantic, frenetic, elasticated table game for 2 players. Price includes P&P within the UK.
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We have a limted stock of Pucket games to sell, sourced direct from the manufaturer. This is not a strategy game, it's not intellectually challenging, it's not one to sit and think about. It is finger flickin' good fun though, and is recommended by none other than Damian Lewis*.

Prepare for frenetic activity as you attempt to shoot your counters through the gap onto your opponents side using an elasticated finger flicker.  First one to empty their side of the board is the winner. The perfect gift to liven up an evening with friends, and ideal for Christmas, of course.

Made from sustainably sourced wood in India and fair trade too! All proceeds from our sales of Pucket are in aid of the Jo Walters Trust, which provides grants to sporting, educational, environmental and outward bound projects in the UK and abroad. Read more about the projects we support here

Price includes delivery to UK addresses with MyHermes. Please contact us before buying if you need it shipped outside the UK.

*Apparently, according to The Times in this article , he and Mark Rylance played it on the set of the new Wolf Hall series. If you don't have a Times subscription, it says: 'Rylance, I’d heard from other sources, was in the habit of carrying a backgammon set with him, and challenging the cast and crew to games during any downtime. “I love backgammon,” Lewis says, “because I think I’m going to win, but I often don’t. Mark brought this fantastic game called Pucket – you must spell that correctly, ha ha – and it’s a brilliant, brilliant game. Go and look at it. It’ll make you giggle a lot.


Also featured in The Telegraph in October 2015, they said: 'Having a Pucket board at home provides an alternative (albeit noisier) to the iPad – one your children may even take you up on. The aim of the game is to catapult all your counters into your opponent’s side of the board through a central hole. On a recent family holiday we had a Pucket tournament that kept everyone (ages three to 68) entertained for days.'


NB: While the price of Pucket at the maker's site, ET Games, is £40, note that this doesn't include delivery which they charge at £3.60. Our price of £42.50 includes delivery throughout the UK.

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