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Bridget, a sustainable, wooden bridge building strategy game for 2 - 4 players. Ages 5+


The fiendish strategy game for up to 4 players, handcrafted in the UK from sustainable hard woods.

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Invented by Stefan Kogl, Bridget is the bridge building battle ground for 2 or 4 players. If you enjoyed Tetris, you'll love this as it's a sort of combination of Tetris, Jenga and noughts and crosses, in 3D!

Be the first builder to cross the board to win, blocking, building and counter-blocking as you go. Bridget is an intense game of strategy and skill for all ages, from age 5 up. The games are hand made in the UK and individually finished in UK prisons, using sustainably sourced hardwoods and organic cloth.

Price includes delivery within the UK.

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