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Does The Bus Stop Here?

Mr Roberelli's 2nd Album, bidding 'Goodbye to Lithuania' and pondering whether 'He's lost His Marbles'. A brilliant follow up to the House on Wheels.

This was the first album that Lucy from the Jo Walters Trust and her family owned, sent over by a friend in New Zealand. The then 3 year old in the house thought that 'He's Lost His Marbles' was the funniest thing she'd ever heard. A few years later and losing her baby teeth, 'The Gum Lets Go' has become very important to her. A super album all round, and it's hard not to feel more cheerful after singing along to the 'Does the Bus Stop Here' with its wonderful chorus:

'All in all
I think my chances are pretty slim
But my hopes are high
‘Cause I’m a high hopes kinda guy'. 


We've got high hopes that you'll love it!

Track List:

  • The Romans
  • Sweaty Betty
  • Slightly Speckled Egg
  • Buddha
  • Beans About Beans
  • Eileen on the Fence
  • Little Praying Mantis
  • The Gum Lets Go
  • Mona Hurley
  • He's Lost His Marbles
  • Mr Roland
  • Does the Bus Stop Here?
  • Goodbye to Lithuania
  • Casting On

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