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Jo Walters Trust 2020 Grants - Covid-19 Response


The Covid-19 outbreak has affected every part of life, including us at the Jo Walters Trust.

We had planned to hold a large fundraising ball in November 2020, to raise money to allow us to keep making grants. We have put this on hold, for now.
We are however still going to call for applications for the two grants we offer annually, as we feel that communitiess will need support, now more than ever.
The categories are:

We hope these grants may help improve things, even a little, for as many people as possible.

To get the money out where it can make a difference, we are bringing forward our grants application process for the year so we can disburse the funds as quickly as possible to areas where they can have the best impact. If you are interested in applying for either of our grants please do read on, or help us spread the word to those who might have a great idea.

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