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Jo Walters Trust Maths Grants 2020


At the Jo Walters Trust, like everyone else, we are extremely aware of the enormous impact that the Covid-19 Coronavirus is having on all aspects of life. Before the outbreak, we had planned to launch the application process for our Maths grants - as previously - in the middle of May, and to finalise recipients by the end of September. In light of the current circumstances though we have decided to accelerate the process, and try to get some grants to places where they can have the most impact, and to do this as soon as possible. The main idea remains the same - we want to help inspire students with learning Maths - but this year we want to fund projects that can help people in these most unusual circumstances. 


  • Would you like to inspire your students?
  • Do you have an idea that could raise attainment and promote a love of Maths?
  • Would a grant of £1000 help achieve this goal?
  • Can it be delivered, effectively, even through the global pandemic? 


maths 3The Jo Walters Trust is offering a grant of up to £1,000 to support projects which help and inspire pupils to engage with mathematics. 
As usual, applicants are not expected to reinvent the wheel: however, in a time of social distancing where trips and workshops are likely to be very limited, we are looking for ideas will help inspire students and help those teaching them in difficult circumstances. While moving things online is an obvious solution, we hope also to hear from people with ideas that don't involve yet more time on screens. We don’t want to constrain applications so will welcome all ideas, large and small, but we remain unikley to fund what schools and Local Authorities should themselves fund, such as teacher cover and CPD, smaller or extra classes, or coaching small groups through the curriculum. 

For ideas, feel free to have a look at the successful applications from 2016, 20172018 and 2019 - though of course so much has now changed. 

Application Deadline 30th June 2020

Why is the Jo Walters Trust promoting Maths Education?

jo walters maths teacher

Joanna Walters wanted to be a Maths Teacher. This was not her first career: She only decided to do a Maths PGCE in her mid 20s following a degree in Spanish and Russian, a period of teaching Spanish in Kenya, and several successful years working in marketing for Google in Dublin. However, she had always had a talent for Maths, encouraged by her father who used grapes during tea time to teach her everything from basic counting, through square numbers, all the way to Pi. She was passionate about finding ways to teach Maths that worked for individuals at any stage. She completed her PGCE and teaching practice with great feedback, and was so excited to be offered a job as a Maths teacher at Uckfield school near Brighton. She never got the chance to take up this post, however, as she was killed in a cycling accident just as she finished her PGCE in July 2010. The Jo Walters Trust was set up in her memory, seeking to celebrate her life and achievements as an inspirational person, teacher and motivator.

We believe that Jo would be proud to help others to share their passion for Maths and that is our reason for offering this grant. Good luck with your application

maths 1
Your application should be made using the form below and include:
  1. Your name and position.
    2. Contact email address.
    3. Name and type of institution you are attached to (if any).
    4. Details of your project proposal: what you want to do, with whom and in what timescales.
    5. How much money you require (up to £1,000) and a breakdown of how it will be used.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Application deadline: 30th June 2020.
    2. Please note, this grant is not aimed to subsidise school budgets so is not aimed at funding extra lessons, tutors or smaller classes.
    3. The winning applicant will be expected to submit a 200-1,000 word report on the project, including photos where applicable. Results will be published in the journal, Mathematics Teaching, and on the Jo Walters Trust website.
    4. Open to UK projects for all age groups.
    5. The Judging Panel, consisting of representatives from the Jo Walters Trust, the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as some other subject matter experts, will make a decision by 15th of July 2020
    6. The Panel’s decision is final.
    7. The JWT is regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.
    8. Up to three grants, each of up to £1000 will be awarded.

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